Digital signage

Effective communication with digital signage

We’re all battling to be seen by consumers. This means constantly having to rethink the way we communicate to ensure that the message gets through. No matter what message you wish to convey, digital signs are powerful eye-catchers that attract a lot of attention by virtue of their clear colours, sharp contrasts and vivid images.

Indoor digital signage

Most purchasing decisions are made in the store, so in-store displays can be a powerful motivating tool to gain attention and sales. Indoor digital displays are an effective form of marketing that offer numerous opportunities to target the advertised messages to customer demographics, weekdays, seasons, offers and promotions, etc.

Outdoor digital signage

Digital signs are excellent eye-catchers that naturally draw attention to the visual messages. A digital sign is suitable for advertising and conveying short messages that arouse the curiosity of passers-by and motivate them to act.

Big screens for sport

In collaboration with our subsidiary, Expromo®, we develop and produce digital solutions for sports advertising in the form of perimeter boards and big screens. The LED solutions are flexible and can therefore be adapted to the needs of the stadium or arena, creating wonderful visual experiences for the spectators as well as strengthening communication.

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