Experiences & Exhibitions

At ProShop Europe, we create interactive AV solutions that capture the audience’s attention and provide them with even better experiences. Based on your needs, we offer turnkey solutions where we develop ideas and install a solution that strengthens and enhances the communication and entertainment value.

Give the audience even better experiences!!

When putting together a visual solution, we base it on your wishes with regard to design and functionality. Our expertise in turnkey solutions for AV installations ensures that people’s attention and curiosity are aroused. One of the most effective ways to capture people’s attention is by presenting them with a visual effect – which is why most of our installations include a display solution, and we work with all kinds of sound and lighting systems.


We have developed an interactive concept for installations where the users themselves become part of the experience. The senses are activated, giving the user a truly spectacular experience. Use the interactive installation to entertain or inform visitors, to make the waiting time in the queue feel shorter, or as an element of a larger exhibition – your imagination is your only limit.

Graphics and animation

Our creative team specialises in visual communication for digital media and has a natural proximity to all our technical solutions. They work, among other things, with 3D animation and video production, both of which have a high entertainment and communication value. Whatever media you use for your exhibition, our creative team can produce all the graphic material, working closely with your people.

Our latest cases