Camera production

– at conferences, concerts and events

Create a bigger and more up-close experience for the audience with live camera production and big screens. A live camera production shown on big screens can add invaluable value to what attendees take home with them from the event and the overall experience.

Camera production – bring the audience closer

When attending events, it is vital that we can see the stage and the presentation on it. A camera production can be used to create the right mood and bring the audience closer with close-ups of the stage and mood shots of the audience. At ProShop Europe, we have extensive experience of camera production and can provide solutions for everything from concerts, shows and events to conferences and congresses. The video material can be recorded and then edited and used for websites, publications, sending out to attendees or those who were unable to attend, marketing, showcasing, a memorial, etc. Depending on how you want to use the camera production, we will put together the optimal solution for you.


We also offer HD OB vans with five workstations, which are perfect for any filming. The vans are suitable for big screen productions, live streaming, corporate events, concert recordings, sports events, documentaries, news, TV shows, etc. The vans are flexible in terms of space and ready for use shortly after arrival. You decide whether you want to take care of the production yourself or if you would like us to do it for you.

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