2023 – Gaming technology


Open The Future – is the theme for KMD STEAM 2023. We assisted with sound, light, and event execution, as well as provided content for the LED screens, which we also set up and delivered. It was an event where employees across the KMD group had the opportunity to be inspired and gain a better understanding of how technology shapes the world.


ProShop Europe was responsible for the AV execution at the conference, as well as the installation of numerous LED screens in various sizes at the Lokomotivværkstedet with customized content. Additionally, they provided the capability to display Power Points and videos.

Put steam to the conference with a 3D spot

ProShop Europe Shapes has created a 3D spot for the KMD STEAM conference. KMD aimed to highlight the evolution of gaming over time in the 3D spot, incorporating their iconic steam locomotive as a central motif. The entire spot is 3D modeled from scratch with an underlying specially designed soundtrack. Watch the spot below.

Watch KMD’s 3D spot

The intro to KMD Steam 2023


Customer: KMD 
Date: 2023
Location: Lokomotivværkstedet, København

Services: AV-execution and content
Screen types: LED