About us

ProShop Europe has a unique combination of business areas, which compliment each other and create greater synergy.

Our competencies

We have a unique combination of business areas that complement one another and result in a great synergy. When designing a solution, we draw inspiration from all our business areas to provide the customer with an innovative and functional turnkey solution. Our competencies span: Trade fairs and exhibitions | Meetings and conferences | LED display solutions | AV rental and installation | Shows and events | Graphics and animation.

Our history

Since our inception in 1999, we have enjoyed continuous development and growth. We have gone from being a small rental company to Denmark’s leading company specialising in the sale and rental of professional technical turnkey solutions. One of the reasons for this is our unique spectrum of competencies and business areas, which allow us to provide our customers with the best solutions.

Success stories from our partners

“At The Blue Room, we co-operate with ProShop Europe about video production, advertising photographs and event photography. Regardless of the job’s character, our expectations to both process and result are more than met.”  

Ejgil Lihn

Photographer and Owner, The Blue Room

“We have worked with ProShop Europe for many years – they always give professional guidance and deliver the latest in AV equipment. We think of many of ProShop Europe’s employee as our own – they all do an amazing job. All in all it is a very well-functioning working relationship, which we are very content with.”  

Rikke Brøbecher

Conference & Booking Manager, Radisson Blu

“ProShop Europe is extremely professional and supply quality equipment. Their technicians are always accommodating and our interpreters value their help and service. Whenever I am asked to name suppliers of interpretation systems, I always mention ProShop Europe first and add that both equipment and technicians always are first class.””  

Linda Hoffmeyer

Konferencetolk, AIIC, Hoffmeyer Tolkning A/S

“I have a very good working relationship with ProShop Europe and I always use them, when I arrange larger events. I trust them and they have a wide selection of good competences.”  

Anita Rosberg

Conference Coordinator, Tetra Pak

“We have used ProShop Europe on several occasions in connection with concerts and conferences. ProShop Europe has always delivered the agreed on time and at a good price. It is good to know that we do not have to worry about the part of the event that ProShop Europe supplies – they meet our expectations 100 %, are professional, service minded and fast.”  

Andreas Astrup

Head of planning, Amnesty International

“ProShop Europe is a highly competent and serious company. The supplied solutions have ALWAYS lived up to our expectations – any minor problem has ALWAYS been solved before deadline even though the deadline sometimes has been tight. I can only, and have done so on many occasions, give my best recommendations. With ProShop Europe as your business partner, you are guaranteed quality and delivery on time – ALWAYS!”  

Claus Christensen

CFO, Silkeborg IF

“Our expectations are always met 100 %, when we work with ProShop Europe. They work professionally and are very good at combining the right technical solution – that is why we recommend them to others. Besides good service, they have a contagious cheerfulness, which more than once has made my day a lot more fun.”  

Bjarne Simonsen

Event Coordinator, Visit Esbjerg

“ProShop Europe is a professional company that fully met our expectations. All through the process there has been a good dialogue with ProShop Europe’s employees, the tone has been accommodating and friendly.”  

Lars C. Rasmussen

Sales Product Manager, Connection A/S

“ProShop Europe is a professional sparring partner with ideas and solutions that perfectly match our strategy and image. It is easy to work with them, because the employees listen to our needs and ideas and transform them to creative and constructive solutions that generate extra value for us.”  

Thorkild Toftgård

Event Manager, YouSee

“The difference between ProShop Europe and other companies is that they are a team – even though I am in contact with different people, they are always well-informed and know the job. They are a positive, helpful and professional team that constantly suggests innovative solutions. They always deliver as agreed and find the most economical and practical solution for us.”  

Phil Witcomb

Marketing Activity Manager, Arla Foods Ingredients

“We know ProShop Europe as a professional and trustworthy business partner, who always delivers solutions and service that 100 % match our expectations. No matter where we are in the process, the service never fails.”  

Kim Skytte

COO, Jysk Display

“From the first meeting until the LED screen was installed at the store, the co-operation has worked super well and professionally. It is an amazing product and we benefit greatly from the new in-store advertising and it is therefore my hope that we will get similar solutions in our other stores.”  

Finn Svane

Retail Manager, Intersport

“We have had a good dialogue with ProShop Europe concerning the indoor screen solution, which they have installed at our head quarters in Torshavn. They are a professional business partner and the co-operation has been excellent – we are very satisfied with both the co-operation and the delivered solution.”  

Brian Rasmussen

Head of Building Department, Føroyar Tele

“From the very start, when buying LED perimeters and big screens was just an idea, we have experienced ProShop Europe as a professional business partner with a high level of technical competences. Everyone without exception, be it sponsors, spectators and other stakeholders, has spoken positively about the perimeters and big screens.”  

Henrik Ravn

CEO, AC Horsens

“ProShop Europe is a very good business partner in innovative processes. They have many different experts in their team, who come up with the solutions I need. In the developing process we inspire each other and that way the solution is further refined.”  

Maurits Eijgendaal

Principal, Guldhornet, Landsbyen Sølund

“ProShop Europe has been our total supplier of AV equipment for about six years. They have been our sparring partner on designing and equipping Copenhagen Conference in terms of sound, AV, room control and info systems, as well as delivered and installed the solutions. With ProShop Europe as my supplier, my expectations have been met every time.”  

Mikkel Rasmussen

Technical Manager, DGI-byen

“ProShop Europe is a serious player on the market, who knows the importance of deadlines and support. They make time for you and understand what you mean, even if you are not a technical nerd. All in all, a professional and recommendable business partner.”  

Jacob Jørgensen

CEO, Team Tvis Holstebro

“As a creative event bureau it is essential to us that our technical business partner is creative, at the cutting edge of the development and can think out of the box – ProShop Europe is such a business partner! A trustworthy total supplier, who gives good input and sparring and develops the ideal AV solution for the best price.”  

Rikke Nordentoft Damborg

CEO and Partner, Eventually

“We have used ProShop Europe on several occasions in connection with concerts and conferences. ProShop Europe has always delivered the agreed on time and at a good price. It is good to know that we do not have to worry about the part of the event that ProShop Europe supplies – they meet our expectations 100 %, are professional, service minded and fast.”  

Andreas Astrup

Head of planning, Amnesty International

“We use ProShop Europe for building stands and technical handling of conferences and shows – we always get a super experience with sound, light and a total quality that is greater than expected.”  

Thorkild Toftgård

Event Manager, YouSee

“Regardless of whether it is new brochure, a user guide or graphics for our website, the creative team always delivers just what we need. We are very pleased with the co-operation – ProShop Europe’s employees are positive, solution-oriented and they gladly offer inspiring input that gives us even better graphic solutions.”  

Katarina H. Nielsen

Web & Marketing, Ortofon A/S

“When we exhibit at a European fair, we always work with ProShop Europe. Based on our wishes their creative team visualizes our stand, which their technicians then afterwards build. The visualizations are of great importance when we e.g. exhibit at fairs in China – they are a great tool for ensuring that we have a homogenous visual profile.”  

Charlotte V. Kristensen

Marketing Manager, Actona Company

“In connection with the 150th anniversary of the 1864 battle, Sønderborg Erhvervs- og Turistcenter (SET), wanted to create a different and spectacular rendering of the events. The decision fell on a 3D-lightshow to be projected onto the façade of Sønderborg Castle. ProShop Europe quickly demonstrated an understanding of our wishes for the project, and the process of the production was very good. The product was a strong visual experience and a great show, unlike any seen this side of the river Kongeåen.”  

Karsten Justesen

Turistchef SET- Sønderborg Erhvervs- & Turistcenter

“We are extremely satisfied with the solutions, ProShop Europe has supplied. Our ambition was to stand out from the crowd with an interesting visual expression that would attract many visitors – and that is exactly what we did.”  

Mette von Undall


“Our vision is to improve communication between people using technical solutions and simple user interfaces”


Jens-Ulrik Carstensen

CEO, ProShop Europe

Putting people first

The people we deal with every day, be they customers, employees, colleagues or partners, are at the heart of everything we do. We believe that we can create the best relationships, solutions and products by always putting people first. We aim to build lasting, strong relationships with our customers, employees and business partners.

Our customers

As our customer, you are our No. 1 priority. We put together a solution based on your needs and wishes. Through our cooperation, solutions and the service we provide, we aim to make ourselves worthy of being your preferred partner. When embarking on a project, we pool our knowledge, experience and competencies in hand-picked teams that match the task at hand, ensuring you the optimal solution.

Our employees

When doing business with us, you will see that our employees are a strong team. They are competent professionals who are passionate about what they do and possess the will and ability to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions every time. Their commitment to their work is clearly reflected in the professional support and service they provide. We have every confidence in our employees and their skills and experience.

Our network

Our extensive network of collaborative relationships is based on the fact that we put people first. The better we know one another, the better the results of our collaboration will be. Not only do we benefit greatly from our network, but you, too, can draw on the external experts that we have at our disposal in our work or with whom we communicate. This way, you are always guaranteed an individual, innovative solution, provided by skilled professionals.

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