Expromo® LED Displays

ProShop Europe sells Expromo® LED displays that offer the best design and quality of the LED industry.

Our subsidiary, Expromo®, designs, develops and manufactures our LED products, the excellent quality of which, combined with ProShop Europe’s technical skills and experience of working with LED products, make our LED solutions the safe choice.

Bright in Every Way

Whether you wish to create bigger audience experiences, advertise, brand or inform, a digital LED solution is the ideal way to do it. LED technology offers opportunities to design and create unique display solutions that significantly enhance visual communication.

We design LED displays of all sizes and formats, and ensure that the resolution, design and installation match the customer’s wishes, needs and purposes. We offer both indoor and outdoor LED solutions, and we always customise our solutions to your specific needs.

With an Expromo® LED display solution, you always get

Individual guidance in relation to your business and project

A well-tested product that meets legal requirements

High-quality LED displays

Specially developed software with an intuitive interface

Installation carried out by specially trained, experienced technicians

Strong visual communication

Indoor LED displays

Our indoor LED displays are customised to the customer’s needs and purposes. Whether your meeting room needs a rethink or the arena needs sprucing up, we have the digital solution for you.

Outdoor LED displays

Our outdoor LED displays can withstand all weathers and are specially designed for their particular purpose. An outdoor LED display allows you to grab people’s attention from a distance.

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