Motion Graphics

Set your shapes
in motion

Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to motion graphics. We produce, among other things, animation films and content for trade fair stands and conferences. We have many years of experience with animated content for in-store/retail, websites, TV, and cinema as well as to big LED screens. The discipline requires insight. Both in how to make the best of motion graphics and how to convey a story. We have that insight.

Animation films

Complex issues or products can be made playfully easy to understand with an animation video. We produce animated videos that are perfectly suited for product presentation and explaining topics in a powerful package.

It can also be small, short presentations that need to be animated. We have experience in animating everything from a logo and products to strategies. If you would like to put colorful shapes in your world, hear how we can set your universe in motion.

Interactive design

Making the content on your screen interactive is an effective way to engage and involve the recipients. By being able to interact with the content, you as a recipient or spectator are co-creators and get an immediate experience.

If your target group can control and experience the content of the screen on their own terms, it is easier for them to reflect themselves in your universe and you thus form a stronger bond with them. Interactive design is perfect for entertaining and educating. We can design interactive content; shall we design it for you?

Projections shows

Projection shows aim to sweep the legs away from under the audience and are an effective communicative tool because they capture the attention of every spectator. Facade projections are fantastic eye-catchers that can convey historical narratives, dazzle the audience with an impressive show or reconstruct a facade with graphics and wild colors. Our projections can also be interactive, so that every passer-by helps shape the aesthetic expression through play and movement.


We can also design projects on a smaller scale; for example, on the tables for a gala dinner or filling the gaps in a bookcase or anything else that contributes to the aesthetic entertainment value of a room.

Explainer video

With motion graphics, you can explain things that might otherwise be difficult to make understandable. As you know, pictures and graphics are worth more than 1000 words, and moving graphics can show information in an exciting and illustrative way. If you want to tell a vivid story – for example about your new product, annual accounts, strategy, vision or something else entirely – then we would like to spar with you about the best and most illustrative way to show it.

Content for trade fair stands and conferences

How do you attract people to a trade show? And how do you entertain people at a conference? We have extensive experience in creating content for all kinds of screens, for design shows and interactive installations. Do you want something surprising, entertaining, and extraordinary to happen at your event? Contact us – and we’ll be happy to talk with you about it.

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