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Shape your story right

Whether it is films for TV, LED screens, cinemas, or a rotating screen on the roof of the town hall, we have the expertise to carry out your project.

Film is an excellent medium for conveying exactly your story and vision via images and sound targeted to your recipient. If you want to give your colors a proper kick in the color grading, we can do it. If your lighting needs to cast infinite shadows and give a depth the size of deep forest lakes, then it’s fine. If extra spice is needed on the canvas with graphics and animations, it is just a wave of the hand away. And if the sound must be from another world, then yes – you guessed it – we will also resolve that tenaciously and wholeheartedly.

We shape and film e.g., product film, profile film, branding film, advertising film, info film and interviews.

From the first contact until the production is delivered, we take responsibility for meeting your wishes and needs – both creative and technical.


See previous cases we have produced and be inspired.

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A branding film aims to show your company’s idea, your mission, or a specific message. In a branding film, we focus on personalizing your work and values and to encapsulate the essence of your organization. In a branding film, there is usually less focus on complex details and therefore we work to tell your unique story using strong visual means and a well-crafted aesthetic, so that it makes the audience curious.


Regardless of whether you want to engage, sell, or motivate, we shape your advertising film so that it captures your audience instantly. We tell your story short and formidable, so that your message and your values ​​get ready-to-fly wings in the darkness of the cinema or out in the digital world.


The purpose of a product film is to make your product appear in the best possible light. We can film at your place or in our in-house virtual studio, where we can conjure the production to a specific location with just a few clicks of the mouse. This means fewer costs for a production in geographically different surroundings than your domicile or somewhere in Denmark.


In an event film, we create a specific atmosphere for e.g., a conference, lecture, or other type of corporate event. We record without disturbing and are experts in bringing out the right atmosphere in the video.

Should you have filmed an event, do not hesitate to contact us.

“I have the highest recommendation, and the deepest respect,
for the professionalism and the input that has come.”

We had to figure out how to make a fair stand for DM in skills and after many months of dialogue about how to get the young people into a stand, and embrace 94 vocational training courses, the result was a large interactive screen. Young people can test their own professional avatar. This means that they can build a small figure with their own educations, where they choose 3 educations, which they can then get some more information about at home. Our member companies who had visits from ProShop Europe, return to us, and have been very happy with the collaboration as well.

So, from Danish Industry and the Lærepladsfællesskabet, there is only full praise and thanks for good cooperation, and the warmest recommendations from here.


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