3D production in all shapes

Our 3D team at Shapes is ready to produce professional 3D visualizations and animations for you. Among other things, we have made productions for Select, KMD and Dansk Industri. If you need Arch-viz, 3D forced perspective, advertising spots and product animations, we are the right people to spar with.

Productanimation: Expromo ULTRA

For Expromo A/S, we launched their new product, Expromo ULTRA, with a 3D animated video.

The video should show that the Expromo LED screen is top of the line when it comes to LED large screens.

The advantage is that you can place the product, the LED screen, in many different and exciting environments at an advantageous price compared to, for example, filming on location.

Add steam to your conference with a 3D spot

We made a 3D spot for KMD to their STEAM conference. With the 3D spot, KMD wanted to focus on gaming through time and preferably with their iconic steam locomotive as a central motif.

The entire spot is 3D modeled from the ground up with an underlying specially designed soundtrack.

Select – Champions League

SELECT needed exclusive presentation material for the launch of their new handball for the EHF. It turned into this 3D animation, which was shown throughout the EHF Champions League. If you need an event-specific animation, contact us to hear about the possibilities.

Deep Impact – Shapee

Shapes’ new mascot, Shapee, is a 3D animated character that we have placed in a Deep Impact environment.

Deep Impact is also called Forced Perspective and is about creating an illusion with 3D effects – so it looks, for example, as if objects are flying out of the screen or otherwise breaking the edges of the screen.


Shapes can help you create realistic 3D objects that enable you to showcase your product in a way that film and video traditionally may not be able to. We can recreate your unique product in 3D down to the smallest detail.

Light & Setup

A 3D object also requires a proper presentation. And just as it is important to have proper lighting and setup in a real environment, it is also important to have in the virtual one. We are experts in using light to present your product in the most creative and flattering way. Light is essential and can illuminate certain details or textures that may be in your product.

3D – Animation

3D animations make it possible to create extraordinary life in and for your product. For example, it is easy to disassemble your product into smaller parts to show the inner parts that are otherwise hidden from view. In this way, you can show how your product is structured. Also, from unconventional and abstract angles, which will not be possible without 3D.

 We all know the good tricks that make the production of 3D animations time-saving and effective.


New project in the pipeline?

We are ready to spar with you with whatever you have in the pipeline.
Contact us – we will be happy to discuss the possibilities.

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