Interpretation systems

With world-class simultaneous interpretation, everyone understands what is being said. We rent out wireless interpretation systems offering the possibility of interpretation of 1 to 31 languages.

The world’s best interpretation system

Participants in need of interpretation are provided with a discreet headset and a small device to select languages. The system is extremely user-friendly, making it easy for participants to set their headsets to the channel that interprets into their native language. By interpreting into the participants’ native language, the risk of linguistic misunderstandings is reduced, and wireless interpretation allows participants to move around during events.

Professional interpreters

We work with some of Europe’s best interpreting agencies. So, in addition to providing the technical system, we can also refer to AIIC-approved interpreters who can translate what is said to your event. Our interpreting system is ISO4043 / 2016 approved, so the interpreters have optimal conditions.

Remote interpretation

If there is no room for the interpreters in the room where the event takes place, they can be placed in other rooms where they interpret from a live feed from the hall. The digital system of the interpreter system ensures that the sound quality remains the same.

Sennheiser Whisper interpretation

Proshop Europe whisper interpreting systems can be rented in practical transport trolley including 10 or 20 receivers. The systems come with wireless headset, wireless handset or both. The wireless headphones (Stethoset) combine receiver and headset in one, and can handle up to 8 channels for conference use. They turn on automatically and are ready to use the moment you put them on. The included transport case has a built-in charging station so that all receivers can be charged quickly. Average operating time for a receiver is 6-8 hours.

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