The European Medieval Festival
Every summer The European Medieval Festival is held in Horsens, drawing an ever growing audience to the city. In 2013 the festival moved to the courtyard of the old Horsens Prison, which now makes for a dramatic setting to the countless armor-clad participants and their torch-lit tents.

The festival wanted to use the façade of the prison to create a new experience for their audience, and contacted ProShop Creative
and ProShop Europe to arrange for a projection show on the giant building.

We decided early on, that a completely graphical production would not be sufficient. We needed real people on the wall. The solution was to book a green screen studio for a long day of shooting action-packed clips of armoured nights, peasants on ladders and much else.

All this was combined with detailed 3D-graphics and a dynamic sound design, featuring rich sound effects and classical music. An exempt of the show is available here, in a simulated version, as video recording was not possible in the dark environment.