Motion graphics

Animation video

Animation video – also called motion graphics, is perfect for presenting products and explaining topics in a delicious package. We have many years of experience with animation films for both in-store, websites, TV and cinema as well as big screens. The media requires insight. It applies to both how take advantage of the media and how to communicate a story. We have the insight.

Visual appearance

Our starting point is the story and the message. With motion graphics, we take pride in challenging the medium so that the message penetrates and is remembered. Your visual appearance is crucial to how much attention you get and what effect it has. We produce all content so they are in line with your visual profile and the message you want to communicate.

Content for the exhibition

When designing and building your trade fair stand with big screens, content with motion graphics is the obvious choice. The creative content gives visitors to the exhibition a greater visual experience. This helps ensuring that you will be seen and remembered. There are unlimited opportunities for the visual expression. We make your trade fair stand unique and eye-catching.

With you from the start to the end

We handle the whole process from idea, story-telling, style, instruments, speak and sound. From initial contact until production is delivered, we take responsibility for your wishes and needs – both the creative and the technical.

Our latest cases

OUR Competences

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LED perimeter advertisements

Get maximum effect of your exposure on the LED perimeter! We produce every week – all year round.

3D Visualization

We bring images and videos to life by using 3D visualization.

Profile videos

We have the expertise to lift your video assignment – both creative and technical.

Projecting shows

Projecting shows sweep audiences off their feet.