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Expromo® LED-displays

Our AV Sales & Installation is characterized by technical precision and professionalism. ProShop Europe sells Expromo LED displays that offer the best design and quality of the LED industry. Our subsidiary, Expromo, designs, develops and manufactures our LED products, the excellent quality of which, combined with ProShop Europe’s technical skills and experience of working with LED products, make our LED solutions the safe choice.

Digital signage: Precision in AV Solutions

We all strive to be noticed by consumers, making it necessary to constantly rethink our communication to ensure the message reaches them. Digital sigange allows you to create an impressive visual experience with our sharp and vibrant screens that can be customized to fit your needs. No matter what message you wish to convey, digital signs are powerful eye-catchers that attract a lot of attention by virtue of their clear colours, sharp contrasts and vivid images.

Meeting rooms & Conference halls: High-Quality presentation

Meetings and conferences are where concentrated knowledge is shared, making it crucial for participants to have the best tools to stay engaged. At ProShop Europe, we specialise in assembling and installing AV and display solutions that create the optimal framework for holding meetings and conferences.

Experiences & Exhibitions

At ProShop Europe, we create interactive AV solutions that capture the audience’s attention and provide them with even better experiences. Based on your needs, we offer turnkey solutions where we develop ideas and install a solution that strengthens and enhances the communication and entertainment value.

Service & Support

Once we have installed your digital solution, we will ensure that it works for many years to come. With us, you are guaranteed fantastic service and support, assuring you of the life and reliability of your installation. Forget all about maintenance – we’ve got that!

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