Create the magic with Shows, events & parties

Shows that take the audience experience to new heights

When we dream of the most memorable moments, we often think of shows, events, and parties that took our breath away. At ProShop Europe, we understand the value of these moments, and we’re here to help you create them. ProShop Europe is a techincal full-service provider for all types of shows and events. 

Sound, light and innovation

It is the technology behind a great event that takes the experience to the next level. The sound system must be properly designed to ensure that the audience enjoys both your speech and the pop star on stage, and the lighting functions as a powerful visual effect that creates ambience and expression. Wether it’s a conference, a concert, or a company party, our AV rental department is deisgned to meet your needs. 

We know that the technology must be perfect, but we never forget to maintin the festive spirit. Our dedicated team of technicians posses possess extensive technical know-how and experience, and they are always at the forefront of technological developments in shows and events. This helps ensure an event that works seamlessly from start to finish. 

Professional technical solutions

At ProShop Europe, we take great pride in our productions, which are characterised by creativity, innovative use of technology, a high degree of professionalism and professional execution from start to finish. We have many years’ experience in producing shows and events, such as concerts, fashion shows, corporate events, sports events and corporate parties. It benefits everyone when we find the best solution for your event together. We know from experience that show production demands careful planning and effective communication. That is why we always put an experienced project manager on each event. The project manager is backed by a team of professional technicians who are passionate about their profession and ensuring your event will be the best it can be.

Transform Events with LED Screens

Our LED screens unlock the door to visual enchantment. Our screen solutions infuse life, energy, and light into any situation. You can use screens to transport the audience to a specific mood, impress them with visual experiences, or enhance the stage show with animated projections.

We specialize in screen solutions of all sizes, formats, and technical characteristics, along with the associated graphic content. We offer both standard solutions and custom-designed screen solutions tailored to your event. 

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