In the middle of September, YouSee – Denmark’s largest supplier of TV and broadband solutions – hosted a trade fair at the Bella Center in Copenhagen. At the trade fair selected guests were invited to meet YouSee and get a presentation of products and solutions. The fair was divided into three exhibition areas; the general YouSee stand, Your Digital Home and YouSee Lab, where the latest developments within consumer electronics were presented.

Idea Development
Our creative team has in cooperation with our trade fair division, developed the concept for the YouSee 10′ fair and designed the three exhibition areas. The design of the exhibition areas is developed based on YouSee’s wish to create a different trade fair, where the elements in each area support and strengthen the area’s overall message. As one of the focuses was consumer electronics, new media and their many applications, we emphasized different screen formats, creative installations and use of the screens. Besides the decorative purpose of the screens, their purpose is to make the fair visually intriguing and informative.

From Exhibition Area to Universes of Experiences
YouSee 10′ offered many visual experiences and inspiration that the visitors will remember for a long time. At the exhibition areas screens in all shapes and sizes were installed, e.g. there were information pylons constructed out of Infinite screens, a virtual band playing on screens, which were placed edgeways. Everywhere you looked, there were screens with informative, inspiring or entertaining content.

Our idea was to create informative and visually strong exhibition areas by playing with the screens, which gave the areas an amazing atmosphere and invited the visitors to step inside universes of experiences, where they among other things could experience products and their applications at first hand.

Live tv-show
Besides from the many experiences at the exhibition areas, YouSee also invited their guests to experience a live TV show, which was broadcasted in the adjacent auditorium.

For the TV show ProShop Europe supplied six LED pylons and a 31 m² LED screen (EXP8 SMD-I), which together functioned as an animated backcloth for the show. After the fair, a DVD with the show was send to all the visitors.

For the show, we furthermore supplied a sound system, lamps and a pre-programmed lightshow. During the show our technicians were responsible for the handling of the graphic content on the LED screens as well as the handling of light and sound.