When it comes to creating unforgettable experiences at conerts and festivals, an AV total solution is crucial. At ProShop Europe, we understand that sound, lighting, and visual elements play a pivotal role in delivering the ultimate experience to the audience. 

Sound and lighting that enhance the atmosphere

Sound quality is fundamental to the audience experience, so it goes without saying that all our audio solutions are always of the highest quality and designed for the physical setting and the job at hand. As a powerful visual effect, lighting is excellent for creating ambiance and expression. With our lighting, we create an impressive light show on the stage while enhancing the atmosphere in the hall or under open skies.

At ProShop Europe, we not only have the right equipment but the right people, too, who are with you all the way from the ideas and planning stage to execution and evaluation. The combination of our professional team and the best equipment guarantees the quality of the sound and lighting and facilitates the process of producing great shows.

Great visual experiences with creative display solutions

At ProShop Europe, we take great pride in our productions, which are characterised by creativity, innovative use of technology, a high degree of professionalism and professional execution from start to finish. A display solution can add extra creativity in the form of life, energy and light to any show. You can use the displays to immerse the audience in a certain ambience, impress them with visual experiences, or enhance the stage show with animated projections. We specialise in display solutions of all sizes, formats and technical character, as well as the graphic content to go with it.

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