A great idea starts with a shape

Ready, set, shape

Shapes is a creative and innovative studio. This means we tailor digital and content in motion for screens. We are experts in creating content for LED and other digital screens. So, if you need video, animation, perimeter advertisement, visualization, or other content, we shape it into great ideas and perfect shapes. Shapes brings your marketing material to life by animating it in new and inspiring ways.

We have more than 20 years of experience in this field and our team consists of creative zealots who have their finger on the pulse and are frontrunners in digital design, 3D graphics, motion graphics, as well as in film and video. Right from the storyboard to the final design.

Motion Graphics

3D / Animation

Film & Video

Perimeter advertising

The Nordics’ leading LED advertising manufacturer

We are proud and happy to have a comprehensive collaboration with many fantastic clubs in the 3F Superliga and in the NordicBet Liga. In addition, we also make perimeter ads for other sports such as: ice hockey, handball, horse riding etc.

Ina Frandsen

[Creative Manager]


+45 31 48 80 92

Christoffer N.

[Motion Graphics Artist]


+45 53 69 58 45

Matthias L.

[Motion Graphics Artist]


+45 31 51 09 19

Jens Bue

[Motion Graphics Artist]


+45 53 60 41 85

Ronnie F.

[Multimedia animator]


+45 31 34 21 76

Martin H.

[FTP Elev]


Michelle Striib

[Motion Graphics Artist]


+45 40 22 83 50

Thomas H.

[FTP Elev]