Technical turnkey solution for events - eventline

Do you want an event experience that goes beyond the ordinary? Welcome to Eventline, your gateway to technical turnkey solutions that create unforgettable events.

Eventline: The complete event solution

Eventline is part of ProShop Europe’s technical turnkey solution and is our very own dynamic management system, which is set up according to your individual needs. Whether you are hosting a conference, a show, a party or an exhibition, Eventline offers a comprehensive package og technological tools that make it easy to manage and present your event in a way that impresses your crowd. 

User-friendly information system for events

Eventline is a user-friendly information system that is easy to access and manage on electronic devices such as computers, mobiles and tablets. However, the intuitive control system provides full control over sound, lighting, LED screens, and all the technical aspects that form the heart of your event. The system can manage the content on one or multiple screens and generate displays both locally and globally at the event.

Eventline can, for example, show the countdown to a concert on one stage on one display, the programme for another stage on another display, and an overview of the entire event on a third display.

Eventline provides many easy-to-use features to generate, schedule, and change content, and can play countdowns, text, images, and videos. Our talented media team designs the graphics and theme of the required content to match your event.

Eventline: Customized for your event

Eventline offers complete flexibility. Whether you need technical solutions for a large concert event, a lively show, or a small conference, Eventline is the answer. Our technical experts work with you to tailor the solution that precisely matches your needs. 

For practical application of Eventlin, you can dive into our Events & Parties and Experiences & Exhibitions to see how our technology has contributed to successful events. 

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