Expromo ISE 2017 – 18+36 m²
Named Exhibition Stand of the Year in the category from 40 to 100 m²

In 2017, Expromo was named ‘Best Exhibition Stand’ in the 40 to 100 m2 category at the Audio-visual industry’s largest European trade fair, the ISE.
The display stand we had designed for Expromo was in two parts: a stand focused on Expromo screens in general and a stand just opposite with asymmetrical lines that introduced the new product: the Expromo Easy Palette.

The division of the stand into two parts made the stand area seem much larger than it actually was, created extra attention and served as a natural area for one-on-one conversations.

On both sides of the stand, we had integrated 2.0 mm and 2.6 mm LED display screens on the back walls with 3.9 mm LED display screens. On one side of the stand, a multimedia show ran on and around the screens. On the other side of the stand, a video was presented of the new Expromo product Easy Palette.