Meeting rooms & Conference halls

Concentrated information is conveyed at meetings and conferences, which is why it is important to make it as easy as possible for participants to keep up. At ProShop Europe, we specialise in assembling and installing AV and display solutions that create the optimal framework for holding meetings and conferences.

Enhance communication with AV solutions

The functionality of a room is crucial to the users’ experience of it and its technical installations. We always take the physical setting and your wishes with regard to the AV installation into account and put together a functional solution using sound, lighting and displays, etc. We supply individual solutions with a focus on helping to get the message across and enhancing the participants’ experience and what they take away from it.

ProShop Europe is the only turnkey supplier in the industry to supply the full technical set-up, from interpretation equipment and conference systems to digital displays and innovative AV solutions. We are Denmark’s leading supplier of LED displays in all sizes and formats to suit your particular room.

Virtual meeting rooms

Need virtual meeting rooms so that your employees, partners or clients working in different countries and cities can hold meetings without spending time, energy and CO2 emissions on travel?

We sell and install virtual meeting rooms with LED displays.

Room management

A room management system provides every room with a high level of functionality and user-friendliness. With a room management system, the technical installations can be centrally controlled, either via a fixed panel or a mobile touch screen. All types of technical installations can be connected, such as lighting, sound, blackout curtains, displays and projectors.

Rental of AV equipment

With twenty years’ experience behind it, ProShop Europe is one of the market’s most experienced AV equipment rental companies. We have worked on everything from international congresses to simple meetings and are the industry’s only turnkey supplier of AV solutions for conferences and events. Read much more about it here:

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