In the early summer of 2010 ProShop Europe mounted Denmark’s largest outdoor screen on the front wall of Music Theatre Holstebro, a well-reputed Danish music theater. With its impressive total size of 141 m² and an active screen area of 86 m² the screen naturally attracts the attention of passers-by.

The screen is compiled by Expromo EXP16e LED-O. Music Theatre Holstebro wishes to use the giant screen for promoting events and shows, as well as basing events on the many applications the giant screen has to offer.

Events bring new life to city centre
Musikteatret has already hosted several events where the giant screen has been the centre of attention; e.g. the screen was initiated with public showings of the Danish World Cup matches. Since the initiation the screen has been used for a gaming event, where children were invited to play Playstation on the giant screen, for showing movies, digital art and sporting events.

The giant screen events have attracted a broad audience and brought new life to the square in front of the music theater. There is no doubt that the music theater’s initiatives in time will make the square in front of Music Theatre Holstebro a cultural and popular gathering point for the citizens in and around Holstebro.