The Expertise to deliver your task

We produce profile films and ads for every occasion. Whether it is film for TV, LED displays, cinemas or a rotating screen on the roof of the town hall, we have the expertise for the job. We take responsibility for meeting your wishes and needs – both creative and technical – from the initial point of contact to delivery of the production.

Invite people inside

A personal profile film ensures that everyone watching it understands your profile, your product and your message. Film is an excellent medium for conveying your story and vision through images and sound targeted to your recipient. We know how to express every message on the media platform concerned so that you get the most out of your profile film, and we know that your company has its own story, which needs to take centre stage.

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Our Competences

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LED perimeter advertisements

Get maximum effect of your exposure on the LED perimeter! We produce every week – all year round.

Motion Graphics

Enhance your visual communication using motion graphics.

3D Visualization

We bring images and videos to life by using 3D visualization.

Projecting shows

Projecting shows sweep audiences off their feet.