Meetings & Confereences

Let Scandinavia’s top team take charge of the technology for your next conference. We offer the best quality in the industry plus twenty years’ experience in AV equipment rental.

Professional AV-Solutions for Meetings and Conferences

At ProShop Europe, we understand the importance of delivering outstanding AV solutions for your meetings and conferences. Our goal is to create a seamless technical experience that supports your event on all levels. With our wide range of AV equipment, we offer customized solutions that fit your needs perfectly.

AV Solutions for Conferences

We offer advanced sound and lighting systems, state-of-the-art LED screens, and all the necessary AV equipmint to create an exceptional conference experience. Our experienced team of technicians is ready to assist with setup and execution of your event, allowing you to focus on delivering your message.

Rental of AV equipment

With twenty years’ experience behind it, ProShop Europe is one of the market’s most experienced AV equipment rental companies. We have worked on everything from international congresses to simple meetings, and we bring that experience with us when your event has to be memorable. We always work with the best and latest AV equipment on the market and have a wide range of everything from big screens and audio systems to camcorders and equipment for live streaming. When you choose ProShop Europe, you are guaranteed a flexible AV solution of the highest quality.

Turnkey solution for Meetings and Conferences

ProShop Europe is the industry’s only turnkey supplier of AV solutions for conferences and events. Our complete solution is designed with you in mind. When you choose a complete solution, we ensure that the entire technical framework for your event becomes just the way you want it. In collaboration with you, we create a personalized conference solution that supports your communication, ensuring that participants get the most out of your event.

Case Studies

Explore some of our previous projects, such as  EORNA CongressPresident’s Summit and AI Innovation House. These examples demonstrate how our AV solutions have transformed meetings and conferences.

ProShop Europe is your dedicated partner who comprehends the world of technology and is committed to delivering top-notch AV solutions Contact us today, and togehter we can tailor the optimal technical solution to meet your meeting and conference needs.

ProShop Europe makes use of the world’s leading simultaneous interpretation systems. The system makes wireless interpretation between 1 to 31 languages possible and delivers high-quality sound without the risk of interference from the room’s other technical installations.

Holding conferences can be a challenge for international companies. It is often both difficult and costly to gather relevant employees, clients and business partners who work a long way from your conference hall.  ProShop Europe has the solution! We supply the technology and people for a Virtual Conference.

We also supply permanent AV installations for meeting rooms and conference halls as well as permanent virtual meeting rooms so that your employees in different countries and cities can hold meetings without having to travel.

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