Interactive LED-screen

– Tailored content to engage the youth at the DM in Skills


At the DM in Skills, ProShop Europe installed a curved and interactive screen, which garnered great interest and attention from the young attendees at the exhibit. For the screen, a 3D landscape was modeled and animated, featuring factories, people, cars, and planes. This landscape even embraced many of the member companies of Dansk Industri, with their logos represented throughout the cityscape.

Attention to detail is evident throughout this 10-meter-long screen, and in line with this, ProShop Europe and ProShop Europe Shapes have installed and programmed an interactive element that allows young individuals to design their own avatar. Additionally, ProShop Europe Shapes produced 12 profile videos of students and apprentices from member companies across the country.

The idea was developed in collaboration with DI Lærepladsfællesskabet, and the AV solution with the interactive screens was designed and executed by ProShop Europe and ProShop Europe Shapes.

“We had to figure out how to create a booth for DM in Skills, and after many months of dialogue on how to attract young people to a booth and embrace 94 vocational training programs, the result was a large interactive screen. Our member companies, who have also been visited by ProShop Europe, come back to us and have been really happy with the collaboration as well. So, from Dansk Industri and Lærepladsfællesskabet, there is nothing but praise and thanks for the excellent cooperation, and the warmest recommendations from us.” – Katrine Dichmann Christophersen, Senior Consultant, Dansk Industri

Ina Frandsen, Creative Manager, ProShop Europe Media:

””It was incredibly exciting to be part of designing the experience at the exhibition stand with humor and interactive elements. Making an LED screen interactive is one of the challenges that is not just plug and play, like with a touch screen, for example. So, we have coded and designed the content to seamlessly integrate with the LED screen. And to see the young people embrace it and interact with the screen is fantastic”

Large LED Screen

Expromo LED screen at 10×2.5m with a resolution of over 6.7 million pixels. This screen can display one or more simultaneous presentations on background images that can be tailored to each event. Thus, activities such as a Kahoot competition, building a craftsman avatar, and video presentations were run.

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Profile videos

Twelve different videos from twelve different educational programs can be selected via iPad, allowing viewers to follow the daily work and work environment of students and apprentices. The videos aim to generate interest among young people for vocational training. It is important for the youth to identify with the students and apprentices’ everyday lives, creating a sense of comfort in choosing a vocational education. Watch all the videos on the DI Lærepladsfællesskabet website.

Interactive design

The large LED screen at the exhibition stand provides the opportunity to play with professional identities, and approximately 1,000 primary school students engaged in building an avatar. Using an iPad, they selected headgear, work attire, and props/tools to create the funniest craftsman jobs, such as a landscaping-gardener-welder-mechanic. Simultaneously, a photo of their face was taken and uploaded onto the avatar. Attendees could download their own avatar or get it printed at the exhibition.

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