In April, customers and business partners were invited inside Heaven’s Waiting Room to an eventful night. The guests had to walk towards the light and through the Pearly Gates, where sweet angles greeted them and welcomed them to Heaven’s Waiting Room – Event Night 2011. The event took placein Turbinehallen, which was converted to a heavenly hall dressed in white fabric from ceiling to floor, 100 sqm LC screen in the ceiling and white feathers on the floor.

Anything Can Happen in Heaven’s Waiting Room
In Heaven’s Waiting Room, anything can happen! Several famous deceased people stopped by – among them were Adam and Eve, John Lennon, Cleopatra, Caesar and last but certainly not least, Elvis who also gave a little performance. It is not only angles, who sing in Heaven’s Waiting Room, Erann DD – a popular Danish artist – finished the dinner with a wonderful concert. After the dinner, devilish cocktails were served in the lounge up-stairs.

Like Sitting on a Cloud …
A blue sky and white, fluffy clouds were projected, which combined with the feathers and the LC screen created a feeling of sitting on a cloud. During the dinner, the guests could, from their position on the cloud, view the world from above and “greet” passing by planes, parachuters, flamingos and giraffes, which were projected on the walls. The white walls were also used as an active element in the evening’s entertainment and for presenting each course of the dinner’s menu.

Creative Play
Event Night is an opportunity for us to play with our technical equipment and the graphic possibilities. Playing with elements inspires us to find new applications, features and create new solutions. This time we have played a lot with creating a new universe through video projections on the walls – a fun and challenging task.

We hope that our inspiration and new ideas will inspire our customers and business partners and motivate them to try something new.