NetIP Thisted

– High-quality AV solutions in picture, sound, and operation


NetIP in Thisted with cutting-edge AV equipment

When the nationwide IT provider NetIP expanded its headquarters in Thisted, it included a new impressive auditorium.

From the beginning, the ambition was that the chosen AV solutions should reflect NetIP’s high standards for quality, user-friendliness, and aesthetics.

The auditorium

The auditorium is designed to be used for both customer training and presentations for partners and suppliers. The design focuses on daily use for so-called ‘walk-in presentations’ and Teams meetings without the need for IT support.

The central screen in the auditorium is an impressive Expromo LED screen at 29 m2 with a resolution of over 7.8 million pixels. The pixel size is 1.9mm, ensuring that all images and presentations are razor-sharp. This screen can display one or more simultaneous presentations on background images that can be tailored to each individual meeting.

The infrastructure is from Lightware and is, of course, prepared for 4K.



It was important for NetIP that the sound in the room be sublime. Therefore, a speaker system from Fohhn was installed, providing optimal sound coverage for the audience seats, whether the sound comes from a speaker or a video presentation.

The slim Fohhn speakers are delivered in a special version, ensuring they have the exact same height as the LED screen. Mounted on the sides, they are an integrated part of the LED screen. Aesthetically beautiful and elegant. The subwoofers that ensure the excellent sound experience are elegantly built into the ceiling.


The room is operated through a Neets control panel located on the specially designed lectern from Danish Grape Design.

The excellent speech sound in the auditorium is ensured with a digital wireless microphone system from Shure.


  • Expromo EXP1,9mm SMD LED-screen
  • Expromo H5 led controller
  • Lightware MX2-8×4 HDMI matrix
  • Lightware HDbaseT extenders
  • AVer PTC500S PTZ Pro Track Camera
  • Fohhn DLI-230 Column speakers
  • Fohhn AS-30 subwoofers
  • Fohhn DI-2.2000 Amplifier
  • Biamp Tesira DSP mixer
  • Shure SLXD wireless microphones
  • Neets Control System