FC Midtjylland has the highest perimeter in Europe
When the Danish superliga football club, FC Midtjylland, started the spring season 2012, Europe’s highest LED perimeters could be
experienced LIVE for the first time. FC Midtjylland’s LED perimeters with the traditional height of 96 cm have been replaced with wall mounted
LED perimeters that are 128 cm high – thereby setting a new standard for LED perimeters in Europe.

The increased height gives up to a 40 % larger exposure surface compared to the previous standard. This means that the sponsors get a significantly improved TV exposure at TV-transmitted football games.

Essential Development
A essential development of LED perimeters for football stadiums like this has not been seen since the introduction of the media. That is why representatives from leading European football clubs are visiting FC Midtjylland during the spring to experience Europe’s largest perimeters.

The LED perimeters, which are produced by our subsidiary, Expromo Europe, are the market’s finest in terms of performance and stability
– a result of Expromo’s continuous investments in product development.
The LED perimeters do of course comply with all legal technical standards, including the EMC requirements for minimal electromagnetic radiation.

Product: EXP10 LED-OP
High: 128 cm
Lenght: 200 m
Total size: 256 m²