2023 – New spectacular show


Herning Blue Fox was looking to have an exciting show on the ice, comparable to the shows seen in the American hockey league NHL. Furthermore, they had LED perimeters installed to accompany the existing LED-cube under the roof canopy, which extends out into a cross shape.

Coding and installation

ProShop Europe was responsible for the coding and the installation of the projection mapping. If the ice has not been mapped and coded correctly, it is difficult to project detailed graphic content onto the ice. To cover the entire icehockey rink, it was necessary to install 12 large projectors, while sound- and lighting equipment has been optimised to enhance the experience of the audience.


A festive event with 3D, sound and graphics 

ProShop Europe Shapes has produced the audiovisual content for the opening show, both the projection show on the ice and the content present on the LED cube and LED perimeters, as well as the accompanying sound design.

Herning Blue Fox’ expectation was a festive and audiovisual presentation that could sweep off the feet of the audience and get them in the right mood for the game and event.

Shapes has handcrafted a projection show entirely from scratch, and made strategic use of the icehockey rinks unique contours and characteristic lines in order to invoke a sense of depth in the ice. See the opening show below:

See highlights from the show

Projection show for Herning Blue Fox

Customer: Herning Blue Fox
Date: 2023
Location: Kvik Hockey Arena, Herning
Services: AV-installation, guidance, coding and content/projection show
Products: Projectors & LED