Funke Mediengruppe wall

For the colossal new headquarters of Funke MedienGruppe in downtown Essen, we delivered an impressive Media Façade LED display. The unique and iconic MEDIA Tower in Essen is a rounded building now complete with an ultra-modern transparent LED-screen. The screen is comprised of LED stripe elements and is built at a 15-degree angle to spare the neighbouring city-life by directing the light to where it should be. This special transparent design gives a unique visual effect which must be experienced.

During this partnership both Funke MedienGruppe and Expromo worked closely together to achieve wonderful results with this exciting and challenging assignment.


  • 7.800 LED strips P25
  • 340m2 Active LED display surface.
  • 7.800 Dummy strips
  • 180 Degree Active transparent Media facade
  • 180 degree Passive Transparent Media Facade
  • In total 26.910 meter Aluprofile
  • Angle down special design
  • 31.200 pcs. Mountings points