VUC Syd in Haderslev gets new
LED-screen and AV-installations

With two new AV installations, VUC Syd gets updated its dissemination opportunities. A specially developed Expromo display is mounted over the educational site’s large, outdoor stage.

The display is installed together with an effective sound system from D.A.S. Audio, and used for everything from presentations, to movie clubs and pilates.

When used for other purposes, the screen can be tilted so that it is parallel to the stage ceiling.

In the indoor auditorium, VUC has also been given an Expromo LED screen. The screen has a distance between the diodes of 3.9 mm and therefore has a good resolution for e.g. PowerPoint presentations.

ProShop Europe has previously supplied a LED trailer for VUC Haderslev. A 16 m² Expromo display, along with a sound system, is mounted on the side of a truck trailer. The truck drives to educational fairs and other events, to inspire young people to choose VUC.