Solar-powered pylons at North Funen 

– for a greener future


Winner at this years AVard 2022

Expromo won the The AVard in the category MOST SUSTAINABLE INTEGRATION with the Solar Cell Pylon

Expromo has produced and installed three LED pylons for the client Nordfyns Industry og Tourism.

These LED pylons are powered by solar energy from integrated solar cells located on the back of the pylons. Expromo’s unique SPSTM (Solar Power System) enables higher utilization than conventional solar cell solutions. This means that the solar cells save large amounts of energy. The energy from the solar cells can compensate for up to 87% of the entire system’s consumption (LED cabinets, control, players). With the new, highly efficient solar panels, electricity can be generated even when the sky is cloudy.

In autumn and winter, the pylons produce electricity during the day, which is stored in the built-in battery bank and can be used at all times of the day – even when it is cloudy or dark.

In the video, Per Olesen, Director at North Funen Business and Tourism, explains why they chose to install solar pylons, as they wanted to create new outdoor communication for the citizens of North Funen.

No inverter is required

The most important thing is that, unlike standard solutions using solar cells, we do not have an inverter.

Normally, solar cells convert direct current into alternating current. Then you convert it back to DC power inside the LED display because LED displays, like all electronic devices, do not work on AC power, only DC power.

We have removed this detour and work directly with direct current. This enables us to achieve a significantly higher level of efficiency, up to 50% better than usual. We also do without unnecessary power supplies and unnecessary DC-AC inverters in the systems.

Furthermore, locally produced electricity is much better than electricity produced far away. The power grid has significant losses, high resource consumption and is quite expensive both to maintain and to expand. And with the upcoming electrification of transport and the resulting higher demands on the power grid, it is a really good idea for society to relieve the power grid of these needs by producing the electricity for stationary consumption where it is needed.

"We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with ProShop Europe"

Per Olesen, Director, North Funen Business and Tourism


Kunde: Nordfyns Erhverv og Turisme
Dato: 2022
Placering: Nordfyn
Skærmtype: LED-cityportals
Skærmmodel: Pylon Outdoor SMD
Skærmstørrelse: 1920 x 2880 (5.53m²)

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