In the early summer of 2009 DGI-byen – a popular venue for cultural and corporate events and sport in the centre of Copenhagen – extended their facilities with a new conference centre, CPH Conference. The conference centre is based on a vision of creating eventful and ultramodern conference facilities,
which both inspirer the visitors and support their requirements for communication, interactivity and social gathering. In the process of creating the new conference centre, we have acted as both technical sparring partner and as total supplier of all the technical installations.

Informative building
One of CPH Conference’s main priorities was to make the building informative, so that visitors quickly could get an overview of activities in the house and easily find their way around the four floors of the house.

In order to create this overview we installed a 40″ plasma screen in the foyer, which shows, which companies are present in the house and on which floor they are located.

Furthermore we installed a 40″ plasma screen on each floor, which shows who are present in each meeting room on that particular floor. Outside every room we installed a 10″ screen, which shows the name of the company present. Further information such “Lunch 12.00” can be added as needed or desired.

Ultramodern Meeting Facilities
CPH Conference has 14 meeting rooms, which range from smaller rooms suitable for minor and more intimate meetings to larger conference rooms
as well as an auditorium. On each floor there is a lounge area, where the participants during breaks can enjoy refreshments and network.
For each of these rooms we have compiled and installed a technical solution, which matches the room and its purpose.

All the solutions are designed to support communication, for instance a screen or a projector with a matching screen.

To control all these screens we have designed a functional and user-friendly system, which makes it possible for the employees to fast and easy update the
information on the screens and insert logos. We have also designed all the graphic material for screens and made sure that it matches the building’s beautiful interior.