Studio set 150w CDM
  • Lamp intended for trade fairs and shop lighting. With the unique Philips bulb
  • Has a color temperature of the light source of 3000K (warm white) and a … Philips CDM T bulbs
  • Highlights details and colors of the objects being illuminated.
  • High lamp output resulting in lower operating costs
HQI 400W
  • Lamp intended for trade fair and shop lighting 3700K cold white

The color temperature indicates the color of the light. The light color is measured in Kelvin (K), and this varies from very warm white to daylight white. Very warm white is between 1700K 3000K, neutral white between 3100K 5000K and daylight white at 6500K.

Truss & Rigging

F33/F34 Truss
  • F33 : Triangula Truss
  • F34 : Square Truss

Truss and rigging provide great flexibility when you need to build a trade-fair stand.
It can be used to hang various lamps, posters, audio equipment and other kinds of AV equipment.

Cases from MCH

A small selection of the cases at MCH over the years:

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