TV Screens

Rent TV screens in many different sizes

TV / 40” – 91cm x 60cm
TV / 55” – 130cm x 72cm
TV / 65” – 147cm x 84cm
Tv / 75” – 170cm x 100cm
TV / 80” – 186cm x 112cm
Touch Screen, 55″ Samsung PM55F

All the screens can run USB accessoires
The screens can be wallmounted, wired or sitting on a stand.


We suggest a media player for a ( BrightSign )
If you need to display images/video, then you wont get any loading screen everytime content switches.


Special tailored LED-Screens

ProShop Europe is Denmark’s lead supplier of LED screens, and we can supply screens in all sizes and formats.
We specialize in large screens based on either projections or LED modules.

We always use Expromo® LED-screens which offer large sizes, picture in picture, as well as settlement of video, pictures, presentations etc. But where a solution based on one or more projectors requires that there is limited light in the room, then an LED large screen can be used in rooms with full daylight and direct light.


DLP projector

DLP projector, 6.000 ANSI. Panasonic PT DW6300EK 1280×800 (16:10)
DLP Projector , 10.000 ANSI, Panasonic PT DW10000, 1920×1080 (16:9)
DLP Projector, 20.000 ANSI, Panasonic PT DZ21K, 1920×1200 (16:10)

Projection screen canvas

Frame f. projection screen, 16:9, 310x180cm, Avstumpfl
Frame f. projection screen, 16:9, 420x240cm, Avstumpfl
Frame f. projection screen, 16:9, 52x301cm, Avstumpfl
Frame f. projection screen, 16:9, 650x370cm, Avstumpfl
Frame f. projection screen, 16:9, 820x470cm, AVstumpfl


Sound Equipment

Rent speakers, microphones and other sound equipment

Proshop Europe delivers everything in sound from the small facility to a trade fair where you want to play music speech to a smaller audience or have a little more volume on your movie on a TV / or led wall.

The sound quality is fundamental to the audience experience, and therefore it is common to all our sound solutions that they are always of the highest quality and dimensioned according to the physical framework and the purpose of the sound. As a powerful visual tool, light is excellent for creating mood and expression.

With the lighting, we create an impressive light show on stage and set at the same time the atmosphere in the hall or under the open sky.

At ProShop Europe, we have not only the right equipment, but also the right professionals who are with you all the way from idea generation and planning to execution and evaluation. Our professional team combined with the best equipment, gives you a guarantee for sound and light of the highest quality and facilitates the process when producing beautiful shows.

Interpreting systems

Rent Interpreting systems

Proshop Europe’s whisper interpreter systems can be rented in practical transport trolleys with 10 or 20 receivers in each.
The systems are delivered with one piece. wireless headset, a wireless handheld microphone, or both.

The wireless headrests (Stethoset) combine receiver and headphone in one, and can handle up to 8 channels for conference use.
They turn on automatically and are ready for use the moment you put them on. The included transport case has a built-in charging station, so all receivers can be charged quickly. Average operating time for a receiver is 6 8 hours.


Rent other AV equipment

We also supply other professional Equipment
Div. Pc mac
Cue System, Dsan PerfectCue Mini, wireless
Div. Types of Cameras
Up light lights / moving lamps
Ipad / ipad stander

Cases from MCH

A small selection of the cases at MCH over the years:

Questions about AV equipment?

If you have any questions about AV equipment, you are welcome to contact:


Oliver Hönger

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