The World’s Biggest Indoor Screen – Ring°Wall
In co-operation with our subsidiary, Expromo Europe, we have produced and installed the world’s biggest indoor screen on the legendary German Formula 1 race track, Nürburgring.

The impressive screen of an amazing 350 m², called Ring°Wall, is interactive and used for creating strong visual experiences for Nürburgring’s visitors, who via the interactive part of the screen can decide, what is showed on the screen.

Nürburgring breaks new ground
With a 350 m² indoor screen Ring°Wall is almost 44 meters wide and 8 meters tall and weighs more than 50 tonnes. The screen has a resolution of 5.898.240 pixels, which in width is equivalent to 3 full HD (3 x 1080p). An indoor screen of this size and with such an impressive resolution has never been seen before.

A Milestone
Not only is the screen a milestone for Expromo Europe, it also breaks new ground within the field of indoor big screens. We are very proud to have won the order for the Nürburgring. Not only is it an incredibly exciting project, the order also confirms that the strategy we have for Expromo Europe is the right one, says Jens-Ulrik Carstensen, managing director and co-owner of ProShop Europe.