Play, learning, and interactivity
The new exhibition is characterized by play, learning, and interactivity. Throughout the exhibition, the crew members on Ekspedition Nordsøen, who share their knowledge and sometimes need help to perform tasks, are followed.

Total technical solution
ProShop Europe has been a technical sparring partner and supplier at the North Sea Oceanarium. For the experienced universe, we have provided a complete solution with monitors, projectors, PCs for execution, as well as a central control system. The solution includes 60 screens (17 “, 21”, 32 “and 58”), a large part of which are touch screens, which support and enhance visitors’ interaction with the exhibition. The content on the screens is run through ProPlayer Flash, our specially developed software installed on the 60 PCs that control the screens.

The management of the technical installations is centrally managed in a distributed system via software that controls and monitors the operation of the installations. Through the central administration, the system is switched on and off at the touch of a button. The control is simple and user-friendly, which means that after a brief introduction, all North Sea Oceanarium employees will be able to start the experience-universe.

Interactive experiential-universe
In 2009, the older part of the North Sea Museum was demolished, so work on building a new experience universe could begin. The ambition was to create the aquarium of the future by integrating exhibitions and interactive play in new ways. In June 2010, the North Sea Oceanarium was able to open its doors to the new experience universe “North Sea Expedition”.