ProShop Europe is proud to have supplied The Natural History Museum with their first digital exhibition, The Global Backyard.

During the summer 2012, The Natural History Museum could invite the first visitors to experience the interactive exhibition, where each visitor co-creates his or hers experience.

Interactive Guided Tour
The interactive exhibition automatically starts, when a guest enters. As the guests walk through the different areas of The Global Backyard, they can seek out information and interact with the exhibition through interaction-buttons. For instance, if the guests wish to learn more about the backyard’s smallest inhabitants, they touch the insect, which is mounted behind touch sensitive glass. On a screen next to the exhibition box, information about the “touched” insect is shown alongside detailed photos.

Interactive Guided Tour
The digitalization of the exhibition has great impact on the visitors’ visual experiences during guided tours, because the guide can plan and programme the exhibition prior to the tour. When the guided tour starts, the light is automatically dimmed and as the group walks through the exhibition, the selected elements the tour guide presents is highlighted with spotlight. The system is very intuitive and simple, ensuring a high level of user-friendliness.



The interactive guided tours are expected to begin during the fall of 2012 and will add new and focused dimensions to the guided tours at The Natural History Museum in Aarhus.

Eco-friendly Digitalization

The Global Backyard is equipped with several sensors, which ensures that the exhibition is in hibernation, when there are no visitors as well as starts up, when a person enters the room. In the selection of products, we have focused on energy-efficient products e.g. screens and lamps. That way we have been able to create a digital exhibition that is energy-efficient and does not use unnecessary resources, when there are no visitors to enjoy this impressive exhibition.