For the fourth year in a row, ProShop Expo has created the tasteful settings for Actona Company’s exhibition at IMM in Cologne.
Actona Company – one of Denmark’s leading importers of furniture – wanted an exhibition stand, which would naturally attract the visitors’
attention as well as create the stylish settings for their exquisite furniture.

Visible and Tasteful
Actona Company wanted a total solution, which would ensure them a tasteful expression and a worry free execution. We handled the construction of the 840 m² large stand and the 80 m² lounge and ensured the right atmosphere with lighting, banners and custom-made screen solutions.

Visual Exposure
It was important for Actona Company to clearly stand out visually at the exhibition. We supplied two impressive 84″ screens on which Actona Company presented trends, product and design news. The video content for the screens was produced by ProShop Europe’s creative team, ProShop Creative. Besides from the screens, three impressive banners attracted the visitors’ attention to the stand.

Indirect Lighting
The size of the stand makes it naturally visible, which we further underlined by setting up indirect lighting on the entire stand. The indirect lighting creates a soft and welcoming atmosphere, which is clearly visible from a distance. At the same time the indirect lighting presents the exhibited furniture in the best possible way by accentuating then without putting them in a direct spotlight.