Exhibition stands

We have many years’ experience of designing and building exhibition stands. We specialise in unique technical solutions that enhance and strengthen communication, the visitor experience and interaction at the stand.

Specially designed exhibition stands

Our exhibition stands are known for their innovation, carefully considered technical solutions and their eye-catching design and functionality. We have many years’ experience in building all kinds of exhibition and exhibition stands, and work purposefully to create stands that stand out from the crowd and entice guests to come closer.

From idea to stand and everything in between

It is important to us that you get the most out of your exhibition square meterage, which we can help to ensure through the design, content and visual expression of the stand. We offer both turnkey solutions, where we work with you on the exhibition stand from idea stage to execution, and partial solutions, where we provide the specific solution(s) you need. For example, we specialize in creating unique solutions with displays for exhibition stands, which creates a dynamic atmosphere.

We can help you with the entire process:

Idea development


Project management

3D visualisation of your exhibition stand

Graphics, video and interactive content

Practical set-up of the exhibition stand

Execution and support

Take-down and evaluation

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