Aarhus goes digital!

During the summer of 2011 Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, had their eight digital city pylons installed.
The installation marks the beginning of a digitalization of the city’s signage. The eight city pylons are located by eight of the busiest
roads in the city and shall function as dynamic information interfaces with an up-to-date content.

Optimization of the Information Flow
One of the city’s motives for choosing digital city pylons has been the wish for an optimization of the information flow on the city’s signs, which will help ensure that the communication to the citizens always is up-to-date.

Furthermore the city pylons also fulfill a wish for a dynamic interface between the cultural life and the citizens, which will be accomplished by allowing advertisements for sports events, concerts, cultural events, theater productions, exhibitions etc.. Not only have the city gotten a more contemporary digital signage solution and optimized their information flow, that have also made an investment, which will save them money.

Traffic safe and Eye Catching
A digital city pylon is an eye catching digital signage solution, which is based on an LED screen. The city pylon is designed for outdoor use and its picture quality is not affected by the weather conditions, not even direct sunlight.

As the city pylon often is used in city areas where there is traffic, the luminosity of the pylon is controlled via a sensor, which ensures that there always is a balanced relationship between the luminosity of the sign and its surrounding. This function ensures that the luminosity of the screen does not bother the road users.