Live stream to the whole world!

One of the challenges faced by international companies today is the cost involved and time it takes to bring together employees and business partners for conferences. ProShop Europe has the solution! We supply the technology and people for a Virtual Conference, where all the content of your conference is live streamed so that stakeholders from all over the world can view proceedings via the internet.

Streaming Illustration

1. Recording

2. Digitisation

3. Upload to server

4. Streaming to users

Streaming Online Internet

Professional streaming

Live streaming can be used for all manner of events such as conferences, general meetings, seminars, corporate events and product launches. But a Virtual Conference is no longer limited by the fact that it is expensive to fly people in from all over the world or that there is only space for a limited number of people at the conference centre you use.

We set up cameras, microphones and other technical equipment so that participants viewing proceedings via the internet can listen to presentations, panel discussions and speeches as well as take part in workshops and voting.

You decide who gets to participate and whether certain participants should have extra options along the way - such as the chance to participate in voting or to put questions to the panel.

It goes without saying that we live stream your conference on a stable connection to ensure that there are no outages during the event, and if you need an edited video recording of the event, we can supply that, too.


Advantages of a Virtual Conference

  • Unlimited number of participants
  • No travel or accommodation expenses
  • No travel time
  • Participants can have relevant papers, graphs and PowerPoint slides displayed synchronously with speeches, presentations and debates
  • It is easy for participants to ask questions and comment
  • It is easy for participants to take part in voting
  • Recordings of speeches, panel discussions and presentations can be used at a later date

Permanent virtual meeting rooms

Need virtual meeting rooms so that your employees working in different countries and cities can hold meetings without having to travel? ProShop Europe also sells and installs virtual meeting rooms with LED displays. Read more about virtual meeting rooms here.