Great visual experiences with creative screen solutions

Sweep the audience off their feet using a creative screen solution which provides them with impressive visual experiences.
We work with screen solutions of all sizes, formats and technical natures.


A screen solution adds life, energy and light to any situation. Why not use the screens to set a specific mood during a concert or to enhance the set of a play using animated projections. We are specialists in visual solutions and can provide standard solutions such as our big screen trailers, as well as customised solutions.

"Our expectations are always met 100 %, when we work with ProShop Europe. They work professionally and are very good at combining the right technical solution - that is why we recommend them to others. Besides good service, they have a contagious cheerfulness, which more than once has made my day a lot more fun."

Bjarne Simonsen

Event Coordinator, Visit Esbjerg

"As a creative event bureau it is essential to us that our technical business partner is creative, at the cutting edge of the development and can think out of the box - ProShop Europe is such a business partner! A trustworthy total supplier, who gives good input and sparring and develops the ideal AV solution for the best price." 

Rikke Nordentoft Damborg

CEO and Partner, Eventually

Jan Pedersen - ProShop Europe

Jan Pedersen

I have many years' experience in the creation of innovative AV solutions and productions that strengthen customer's events.

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Big screen trailer

Big screen trailerIn less than an hour you can have an LED big screen in either 18 m² or 46 m² ready for use. The screens are designed for outdoor use and offers excellent image quality.

Datasheet 18 m² LED trailer
Datasheet 46 m² LED trailer

Video projectors

Video projectorsIf you require a sensational visual solution, a video projector solution would be what you are looking for. You can make the most amazing pictures with projections - the possibilities are almost limitless.

Big screens

StudioCreate impressive stage shows and visual effects with a STUDIO SMD screen. The screen is built up of modules and can be made in a variety of sizes and formats.

Expromo Studio brochure

Infinite screens

InfiniteThe Infinite screens is in itself an experience with its elegant design and impressive image quality. Put several together and create a striking visual image that certainly attracts attention.


Pool system

Pool systemThe pool system has a fun and different design that attracts and captures the attention of the crowd. The interactive design is a fun and different gimmick that attracts attention and provides smiles.