Keep the public informed!

Relevant and enlightening communication from the city council to the citizens is essential to ensure that the citizens are well informed.

The benefits of digital signage in public communication are many:

  • Short and precise messages that are remembered
  • Low content production costs
  • Possibility for "here and now" communication i.e. information about accidents or traffic jams
  • It is fast and easy to update
  • Sensor controlled brightness

Messages in the public space

For city councils and other public offices, it is of great importance that the citizens receive the necessary information about for instance new initiatives, activities and events. Digital signage is a highly effective supplement to the classic media and it will help reach citizens, who do not use the classic media. By placing digital signs strategically in the city area, for instance by the approach roads, the communication will reach a wider and versatile group of citizens.

Danni Dyrberg - ProShop Europe

Danni Dyrberg

The future of signage is digital! I have many years of experience with LED solutions and chose to specialise in digital signage.

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Elegant Digital CitySign

CitySign is a double-sided sign with a SMD screen on one side and backlit poster on the other. CitySign can both be used in environments where the viewer is up to close to the sign and to communicate messages, which the viewers must be able to see from a distance e.g. informations, adverts and campaigns.

Download product sheet with CitySign EXP5 SMD-O