Retirement Community Søholm - Fitness for the Senses

In 2013 Retirement Community Søholm opened the doors. Situated in serene natural surroundings near Aarhus, it has been
constructed as a modern facility with the independence and quality-of-life, of the residents front and center.

Modern and innovative solutions

ProShop Europe was chosen as the supplier of A/V technology and visual content. State-of-the-art innovative solutions were conceived to awaken and stimulate the senses of the residents. The result was "Fitness for the Senses" - a controlled multisensory environment, or Snoezelen-room, where it is possible to experience anything from a scenic boatride on a Danish lake to the wild animals of the African savannah.

10 projectors and a discrete sound system provides a 360 degree surround-experience. The walls of the room consists of 35 meters of custom made canvas, that retracts when not in use, effectively making the room a multi-function space.

iPad Interface

User friendly iPad interface

Residents and staff controls the themes and functions of the room through a user-friendly iPad-interface. In an instant the cafeteria of Søholm is transformed into a beautiful forest. The Snoezelen-room provides a unique experience, stimulating the senses and brining back vivid memories.