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Say it in 25 images per second!

We think differently and we are not afraid to take new directions. We have great insight into the language and dramaturgy of film
and we understand how to target your messages. We also know that it does not have to cost a million dollars to look a million dollars!

Installation film


When we produce a film for your exhibition or your museum, users will be fascinated and spellbound. Knowledge must be communicated in an exciting and inclusive manner: it must pique curiosity and arouse interest. It is not only about providing information - it is also about providing an experience for users.

Business film


When we produce a film about your business we will bypass the clichés. Your business has its own story and this story will be the focus. It is not about marketing buzz words - it is about inviting people in..

Advertising film


When we produce your advertising film, we are more than happy to throw conventions out of the window. It must be innovative, entertaining and funny, but the message must always be the main focus. It is not about brightly coloured discount stickers and cheesy music - it is about demonstrating the value of the product.