Tekniske Løsninger Messestande Lamper Skærme Truss Projektorer Infinite LED

Get Noticed and Remembered!

We are specialized in innovative technical solutions for fair and exhibition stands that strengthen the stand's salience and communication. The creative use of digital media gives visitors a greater experience when visiting the stand, which make you and your stand more memorable.

Infinite Screens - Endless Elegance

Infinite screens are edgeless and can be used individually or be combined to a larger, impressive screen with an untraditional format. The screens can be used for static and changing content, which make them excellent for both information screens and eye-catchers.

See specifications for Infinite screens

LC Screen - Fascinating Effects

The LC screen is a unique almost transparent screen that is ideal for creating visual effects at a stand. The LC screen can be used as an decorative element, but it can also be used to build the entire stand.

Interactivity - Be a part of the Experience

Invite your visitors to become a part of the experience with interactive elements at your stand. Besides the classic touch screen, we can also make the lighting, sound and projections interactive and thereby strengthen and focus your communication.

Creative Solutions - Let your imagination run wild

We love to play with screen formats and challenge the traditional use of screens and give you a creative screen solution that attracts attention to your stand and communicates your message.

Infinite Pylons - Elegant Eye-catchers

Based on the Infinite screen's elegance, we have designed a simple but eye-catching sign for stands at fairs and exhibitions. Use the sign to promote activites at your stand, product news, branding, decoration or a mix of it all.

See specifications for Infinite screens

LED Screens - flexible and Eye-catching

Create maximal salience with an LED screen - a natural eye-catcher. An LED screen can be constructed in all formats and sizes, which give you great possibilities to play with the visual expression and make your stand even more sensational.

Pool System - a Fun and Different Gimmick

A pool system is a fun and different projection that attracts and catch visitors' attention. The interactive projection is activated when a person enters the active area and invites the person to play with the interactive elements for instance fish, flowers or a football.

STUDIO - Sensational Screens

Cause a stir with a uniquely designed screen whose impressive picture quality gives your communication impact. STUDIO screens are modular and can therefore be designed in all shapes and sizes. See Expromo Studio brochure