Experience and innovation

We have many years' experience in creating all kinds of exhibition and display stands.
The common denominator in all these stands is their innovative and striking appearance.
Our work is geared specifically towards creating stands that are distinctive, whilst inviting and attracting visitors to come closer.

The right idea

When you are developing your concept for an exhibition, why not use us as a sounding board - we would be happy to share our knowledge of the most recent technology and what we have found works in a stand with you. It is important to us that you make the most of your square footage at the exhibition, which we can help to ensure through the stand's structure, contents and visual appearance.

Worry-free Total Solutions

Worry-free Total Solutions

When we supply a total solution, all you have to think about is showing up and the elements, you wish to exhibit. Our skilled technicians build the stand, install technical solutions, mount graphic elements, adjust the lighting as well as tidy and clean the stand, so it is ready for you to "move into", when you arrive.