Technology that enhances the event!

ProShop Europe is the only total supplier in the industry.
We can provide everything from interpreting facilities and conference systems to big screens, lighting and AV solutions.

We can assist with:

  • simple and advanced conference systems
  • optimal sound set-up
  • designing the optimal AV solution
  • big screen solutions that make sure
    everyone can see
  • live camera production
  • live and on-demand streaming
  • flexible interpreting solutions
  • optimal light design
  • and much more ...

One supplier = streamlined solutions

ProShop Europe offers total solutions in which we take care of the entire technical framework for the event. Our conference solutions are based on the customer's desires, the physical limitations of the event and the needs of the speakers. All our solutions are erected and removed by our own experienced technicians.

Minimise planning costs!

With a total solution, you will avoid duplicated equipment and the risk of overlooking anything, whilst also minimising your planning and control expenses.

We will look aftertake care of all your interests and ensure optimum conditions for your event.

"We have worked with ProShop Europe for many years - they always give professional guidance and deliver the latest in AV equipment. We think of many of ProShop Europe's employee as our own - they all do an amazing job. All in all it is a very well-functioning working relationship, which we are very content with."

Rikke Brøbecher

Conference & Booking Manager, Radisson Blu

"I have a very good working relationship with ProShop Europe and I always use them, when I arrange larger events. I trust them and they have a wide selection of good competences." 

Anita Rosberg

Conference Coordinator, Tetra Pak

"ProShop Europe is extremely professional and supply quality equipment. Their technicians are always accommodating and our interpreters value their help and service. Whenever I am asked to name suppliers of interpretation systems, I always mention ProShop Europe first and add that both equipment and technicians always are first class."

Linda Hoffmeyer

Conference Interpreter, AIIC, Hoffmeyer Tolkning A/S

"We have used ProShop Europe on several occasions in connection with concerts and conferences. ProShop Europe has always delivered the agreed on time and at a good price. It is good to know that we do not have to worry about the part of the event that ProShop Europe supplies - they meet our expectations 100 %, are professional, service minded and fast." 

Andreas Astrup

Head of planning, Amnesty International

Jan Pedersen - ProShop Europe

Jan Pedersen

I have many years' experience in the creation of innovative AV solutions and productions that strengthen customer's events.

@:    P: +45 70 25 25 86