Reach out to the entire world!

If you want to reach interested parties beyond the conference hall, live streaming is the ideal solution for you.
Regardless of whether you need a simple audio cast or a multiple camera production, we can handle the entire process from
equipment to editing and streaming, which ensures you a professional and optimal streaming.

Streaming Illustration

1. Recording

2. Digitisation

3. Upload to server

4. Streaming to users

Streaming Online Internet

Professional streaming

When an event is being streamed live, interested parties can "participate" via the internet. Access can be restricted in that you must have been invited or have pre-registered your interest and have been given a log-in to access the stream.

Streaming can be done as a simple audiocast where you can listen to what is going on or as a multi-camera recording where interested parties can both see and hear what is taking place at the conference. Regardless of the solution you require, we can take care of the entire process from equipment to control, which ensures you get a professional streaming solution.