The cooperation between the event and conference agency, Eventually, and ProShop Europe had its debut at an extravagant event in June (2011), which was held on the occasion of Emirates Airlines opening of a new air route between Copenhagen and Dubai. Eventually was the organizer of the event, while ProShop Europe played the part of technical sparring partner and supplier of equipment and technicians for the handling of the event.

Impressive Event

The invited guests should"check in" in the foyer at The Royal Danish Playhouse and were then shown to the Main Stage. In front of a large back projected screen, a famous Danish actor, Sidse Babett Knudsen, presented Emirates and their new air route. She was among others assisted by Emirates Airlines' flight attendants. After the presentation, the guests expected that there would be served canapés in the foyer, but instead the screen on the stage slid away and glowing furniture came up from the floor - the guests were invited up on the exquisitely decorated back stage for a standing buffet and entertainment. The Danish singer Medina gave an amazing concert, which was followed by crispy rhythms supplied by DJ Henrik Milling.

Technical Elegance

As technical sparring partner and supplier, our first job is to create and supply technical solutions that support the elegance, expression and content of the event. We supplied the large back projected screen with picture-in-picture, illuminated walls, special effects lighting with gobos and changing colour themes, two oblong screens, camera production for four screens as well as a complete sound, lighting and stage production for Medina. Out technicians handled the event in cooperation with Eventually.

ProShop Europes project manager, Per Aarøe, says;"It has been incredible interesting and educational to work with Eventually. They take professionalism, coordination and creative thinking to a completely new level and we look very much forward to our further cooperation. Eventually is so much more than an event agency!"
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Emirates Airlines wanted to promote their new air route between Dubai and Copenhagen to the Scandinavian travel industry. They wanted the event to reflect their high quality and amazing service and therefore there was great emphasis on everything running perfectly smooth from the moment the guests arrived until they left. This is where Eventually's inspiring ideas for furniture, branding, catering and location made all the difference. The back stage of The Royal Danish Playhouse has never before been used for an event and this unique idea added great value to the event. Emirates Airlines was very pleased with the event and within the travel industry, it is referred to as the event of the year!

Link to Eventually: www.eventually.dk.